Art Direction

Be it a web site, brand, package, print or event—the creative is driven by Art Directors. We listen to your business goals, define project objectives, establish milestones, work with the creative team and deliver tangible results to help drive your business forward. We follow the project through completion, refining each project down to the fine details for consistency in both visuals and content.

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M2D is a design studio with 20 years of experience providing design direction for brand creation, custom web sites, packaging, events, presentations, and illustration.

How we can help you

Its so much more than design, it's trust and understanding.


We set a creative map by listening to our client’s business and project goals to get us on the same path.


We measure continuously through the project always evaluating that we are on target and timelines are aligned—keeping you in the loop as to what we’re doing. No guesswork.


We do a deep dive into the project—exploring all angles, aware of all communication vehicles—be it digital, branding, environmental, or print. Through a stepped approach we hone creative until we get to where we need to be.


We see all projects through to final delivery to meet client objectives. We want our clients happy.

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Other Services


Find out more about our packaging design background and strategy and what goes into creating a container that’s appealing to customers and stands out on the shelf.

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Every new idea starts with branding. We get a clear understanding of where your brand is—so we can develop a unique, compelling, memorable identity and comprehensive branding platform.

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Web Services

Let us create a digital experience and help you get online fast. With WebFlow we can create a responsive site that doesn’t break the bank. And we have the design background to provide branding and print to support your online presence.

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One of our strong-suits—we’re well-versed in event and tradeshow design. Find out we can provide you with the full resources be it an in-person experience or virtual event.

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Project Management

Like Art Direction, we couldn't do our business without utilizing every tool in Project Management daily to juggle multiple projects and deadlines. From keeping schedules aligned, through pulling together additional talent—this keeps the project on target and you aware of all the steps


If you find you don't have in the internal resources for editing and writing, no problem. We can take care of design, photography/illustration, writing, editing, through final production.

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